Home Buyer Coach

First-Time Home Buyer ClassFirst-time home buyers can be intimidated by the complexity of buying a home. They are not sure what they can afford, if their credit will qualify and if their income is high enough to afford buying a house. They may not understand all the terms used in the home buying process. Many of us can own a home; but it is difficult to figure out who, what, where, why and how.

We are here to help do just that! We’ll coach you into sustainable homeownership by:

  • Mapping out the entire process, step by step, and guiding you through it
  • Analyze what you can afford and develop strategies to get the most for your investment
  • Analyzing and Plotting an Action Plan on credit readiness–avoid hundreds of dollars in credit repair costs
  • Exploring resources and options for down payment
  • Working side by side to apply for pre-approval
  • Helping you complete a full application for your mortgage


This is a dedicated, personalized process with advisor working one-on-one with you, analyzing your individual situation and helping you set up a plan to achieve home ownership. The plan will include how to get your down payment, how to get the necessary credit score, and figuring out your target purchase price range. After we help you develop the plan,will get you pre-approved for a mortgage loan. (Note: we are not a lender)

Once you’re pre-approved, we won’t stop there. We will continue to help you through the selection process, answering your questions and providing you with the needed information. Then we will guide you as you successfully become a homeowner.